Cole Morrison

  • Performer & Teacher Double Bass

I am a professional Classical Double Bassist from Canada, with additional experience in Jazz, Rock, Metal, and self-produced experimental music.

I have significant 1:1 and group teaching experience in Canada & the UK, ranging from beginner to Post-Graduate level at all age ranges, and I have been a regular faculty member at the Banff Center for the Arts in Banff Canada at their annual Youth Orchestra Symposium. 

After coming to the UK to pursue postgraduate studies I was a Teaching Assistant to Professor Rinat Ibragimov from 2018-2020 at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and have since branched out into private practice while working as an orchestral player in the UK.


When teaching I believe that enjoyment of the music must always come first, but can be greatly aided by a strong technical foundation. Before taking on a new student I like to understand what they are looking to develop in our lessons so that we may find a good balance between study and play while working towards their goals. 

I am comfortable teaching improvised as well as prepared music and have extensive experience coaching both students and professionals in multiple genres.

A typical 1 hour lesson would consist of:
- a brief mental and physical warm up
- 10-15 minutes of scales and technical exercises
- 30-40 minutes of assigned solo & ensemble pieces
- 10-15 minutes of pieces/technical concepts selected by the student or improvisational exercises performed together with me to establish and develop ensemble skills

I recommend that all of my students join a community orchestra/ensemble/band if they are not already involved with some form of group performance on a semi-regular basis.

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